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Advanced Docker for Power Systems (LX062G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This 2-day course is designed to enhance skills for system administrators and product support specialists in the area of operating system based virtualization provided by Docker. Topics include Docker remote client, Docker registries, and Docker problem determination. Hands-on exercises reinforce the lecture material and allow students to manage a Docker configuration.Alle IBM Trainings werden mit Original IBM Schulungsunterlagen angeboten und finden in Kooperation mit dem von Arrow ECS autorisierten IBM Schulungspartner esciris statt.

Kurs-Id: IBM_LX062G


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe Docker remote architecture
  • Install and configure Docker registries
  • Perform user operations with images and containers
  • Understand the concept of Docker problem determination

This course is for anyone that needs to build experience with operating system based virtualization using Docker. The audience for this training includes the following:.

Cloud administrators.

POWER technical support individuals.

POWER system administrators.

POWER system engineers.

POWER system architects.


Students attending this course are expected to have a working knowledge of Docker. These skills can be obtained by attending the following courses or gained from equivalent experience:

Enhancing Workload and Capacity Management with Docker on Power Systems (LX061G)


Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.