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Finding Insights and Making Predictions - Statistics as your Crystal Ball (U4A04G)     » zur vollständigen Seminarliste

This course is developed and owned by an IBM Authorized Global Training Provider: Arrow ECS Derivative Works Courses are developed by an IBM authorized Global Training Provider. The content of the course is based on IBM products and services. It offers skills or services that IBM does not offer in the course catalog today and are intended to complement our existing portfolio. The course is developed by the Training Provider. IBM solely provides a market place to advertise the courses on our external websites, and lists the Global Training Provider who owns the content.This course is part 4 of 7 of the IBM Statistics Academy powered by Arrow Education.Topics very typical when dealing with Big Data will be the main subject of this 2-day module of the Statistics Academy - word, vision and most important trend in data analysis of the past years. Big data combines various concepts and techniques to analyze large data sets. This training enables participants to master big data sets. We will show how to adequately address the challenge of big data sets and give an insight on applicable data mining techniques. Furthermore, we show how to incorporate concepts that will enable participants to present their findings.Alle IBM Trainings werden mit Original IBM Schulungsunterlagen angeboten und finden in Kooperation mit dem von Arrow ECS autorisierten IBM Schulungspartner esciris statt.

Kurs-Id: IBM_U4A04G


IT solutions to data sets with high memory demand Automated data processing Data mining and exploration Techniques for automated model selection.


This intermediate course is for data analysts confronted with big data problems.


You should have:

  • Experience with IBM SPSS syntax
  • Advanced knowledge on statistical analysis

Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.