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IBM QRadar SIEM Foundations (BQ103G)     » IBM

IBM QRadar SIEM provides deep visibility into network, user, and application activity. It provides collection, normalization, correlation, and secure storage of events, flows, asset profiles, and vulnerabilities. QRadar SIEM classifies suspected attacks and policy violations as offenses.In this 3-day instructor-led course, you learn how to perform the following tasks:Describe how QRadar SIEM collects data to detect suspicious activitiesDescribe the QRadar SIEM component architecture and data flowsNavigate the user interfaceInvestigate suspected attacks and policy breachesSearch, filter, group, and analyze security dataInvestigate the vulnerabilities and services of assetsUse network hierarchiesLocate custom rules and inspect actions and responses of rulesAnalyze offenses created by QRadar SIEMUse index managementNavigate and customize the QRadar SIEM dashboardUse QRadar SIEM to create customized reportsUse charts and filtersUse AQL for advanced searchesAnalyze a real world scenarioExtensive lab exercises are provided to allow students an insight into the routine work of an IT Security Analyst operating the IBM QRadar SIEM platform. The exercises cover the following topics:Using the QRadar SIEM user interfaceInvestigating an Offense triggered by eventsInvestigating the events of an offenseInvestigating an offense that is triggered by flowsUsing rulesUsing the Network HierarchyIndex and Aggregated Data ManagementUsing the QRadar SIEM dashboardCreating QRadar SIEM reportsUsing AQL for advanced searchesAnalyze a real-world large-scale attackThe lab environment for this course uses the IBM QRadar SIEM 7.3 platform.BadgeAlle IBM Trainings werden mit Original IBM Schulungsunterlagen angeboten und finden in Kooperation mit dem von Arrow ECS autorisierten IBM Schulungspartner esciris statt.

Kurs-Id: IBM_BQ103G


After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Describe how QRadar SIEM collects data to detect suspicious activities
  • Describe the QRadar SIEM component architecture and data flows
  • Navigate the user interface
  • Investigate suspected attacks and policy violations
  • Search, filter, group, and analyze security data
  • Investigate events and flows
  • Investigate asset profiles
  • Describe the purpose of the network hierarchy
  • Determine how rules test incoming data and create offenses
  • Use index and aggregated data management
  • Navigate and customize dashboards and dashboard items
  • Create customized reports
  • Use filters
  • Use AQL for advanced searches
  • Analyze a real world scenario

This course is designed for security analysts, security technical architects, offense managers, network administrators, and system administrators using QRadar SIEM.


Before taking this course, make sure that you have the following skills:

  • IT infrastructure
  • IT security fundamentals
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • TCP/IP networking
  • Syslog

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