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Kurs-ID: IBM_ODC8060G

Kurs RTC Administration for SAFe Project Managers v6.0.5 (IBM Engineering Workflow Management) (ODC8060G)

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The RTC Administration for Agile Project Managers course is designed to provide students with the knowledge to configure Rational Team Concert project areas so that the core IBM practices for agile development and change and release management can be effectively adopted by the project team. Topics include planning projects, teams, and iterations to support agile projects; release and iteration planning; managing work items; and customizing Rational Team Concert queries and reports to provide project status and measure progress.

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Upon completion students will be able to: 

  • Define how CLM is used
  • Understand project planning, with a focus on Agile methods
  • Configure a project timeline
  • Manage releases and iterations
  • Create and manage work items
  • Manage reports and dashboards


Project managers


  • Understand basic software development principles
  • Understand basic Agile project planning principles

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