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Kurs-ID: IBMe_F2940G

Kurs Customize the IBM Case Manager Client User Interface (V5.3.2) (F2940G)

In this course, you will customize IBM Case Manager Client without using much code. In an IBM Case Manager system, you will create pages with custom layout and implement new actions by configuring buttons and menu items. You will use the Calendar widget to track case events and a Script Adapter widget to transform the data. You will learn how to wire two widgets together to establish communication, customize views for case properties including business objects, specify viewers for documents, and implement External Data Services to create dependent choice lists.

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Create custom pages and use Free Form page layoutCustomize toolbars and menus to add actionsConfigure a Calendar widgetWire two Widgets togetherUse Script Adapter widgetCustomize properties viewsSpecify viewers for file typesImplement External Data Services



This course is for Solution Architects, Solution Designers, Developers, Solution Builders, System Administrators, and any users who are responsible for building and customizing Case Manager solutions.


Knowledge of IBM Case Manager concepts and the ability to manage cases in the client, orIBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2) (classroom)(F2900G), orIBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2) (self-paced) (F2909G)The ability to build an IBM Case Manager solution, orBuild an IBM Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2) (classroom)(F2910G), orBuild an IBM Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2) (self-paced) (F2919G)



Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.

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