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Kurs-ID: IBMe_CV880G

Kurs Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration (CV880G)

This course will introduce the student to advanced database administration skills, including program preparation and the use of packages, online schema changes, partition management, and stored procedures; as well as performance and availability features of utilities (including LOAD, REBUILD INDEX, REORG, and UNLOAD). This course does not cover distributed data processing, nor does it cover data sharing.

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Program preparation and the use of packages part 1• Program preparation overview• Execution time errors• BIND actions• Package status and REBIND• Deleting a package• Determining the table/view qualifier

Online schema changes part 1• Changing data type• Adding columns to a table• Renaming columns in a table• Renaming indexes• Adding columns to indexes• Versioning

Online schema changes part 2• Pending online schema changes• Dropping columns from a table• Converting to UTS• Other pending changes• Impact of pending changes on immediate options• Restrictions and considerations

Partition management part 1• Adding partitions• Rotating partitions

Partition management part 2• Modifying limit keys• Rebalancing partitions

Stored procedures part 1• External stored procedures• WLM-established application environments• Altering and dropping a stored procedure• Commands for stored procedures• Execution privileges• Catalog information

LOAD and REBUILD INDEX• LOAD with parallel index build• LOAD partitions in parallel• REBUILD INDEX• Inline image copies and statistics• LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE• LOAD REPLACE SHRLEVEL REFERENCE

REORG• Performance features of REORG• Online REORG• Inline image copies and statistics• Consideratons for PBG table spaces• Online REORG with LOBs (optional)

UNLOAD• Overview• Image copy specification • Table-only input specification• SHRLEVEL option• Modes of operation

Program preparation and the use of packages part 2 (optional)• Table mirroring• Package versioning• Plan management• Other REBIND PACKAGE options• Application compatibility

Stored procedures part 2 (optional)• Native stored procedures• Native procedure deployment



Students needing to augment their skill set in administering a Db2 12 for z/OS database environment.


  • Familiarity with the z/OS operating system, including TSO, ISPF, and SDSF.
  • Familiarity with SQL DML (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE) and DDL (CREATE, ALTER, DROP) statements
  • Basic skills administering a Db2 12 for z/OS database environment, including the use of basic utilities, serialization, and basic database security.




Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.

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