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Kurs-ID: IBMe_WB505G

Kurs Fundamentals of IBM Robotic Process Automation (WB505G)

This course introduces solution architects to IBM Robotic Process Automation 20.12.5. You learn the skills that are needed to implement task automation by developing bots. Through hands-on exercises, you become familiar with IBM RPA environment, including RPA Studio and RPA Portal. You become comfortable with flow control, conditional logic, text processing, mathematical calculation, and file management commands. This course is a subset of the 5-day course: Automating Tasks with IBM Robotic Process Automation 20.12.5  (Course code: WB505/ZB505). Developers who need in-depth training with Robotic Process Automation should take WB505.

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  • Describe the benefits of implementing robotic process automation
  • Author and test bots in RPA Studio
  • Use commands for file management, conditional logic, flow control, and subroutines in a bot script
  • Publish scripts to RPA Server
  • Interact with browsers
  • Automate email handling
  • Describe how to implement digital assistants
  • Explain how to use OCR


This course is designed for solution architects.





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