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Kurs-ID: IBMe_CM241G

Kurs IMS Logical Relationships (CM241G)

Learn how to successfully implement and tune Information Management System (IMS) databases with IMS logical relationships. Examine in detail the various pointer options. Practice these skills in intensive machine-lab exercises.

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  • Code the DBDs and PSBs for databases involved in logical relationships, including those using recursive data structures
  • Use IMS utilities to load and reorganize logically related databases
  • Choose logical relationship update rules based upon application processing requirements
  • Identify DBD coding parameters that are critical to the performance of logically related databases
  • Interpret the results of logical relationship implementation choices using the reports provided by the IMS Monitor


People responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, or tuning IMS databases using logical relationships.


You should have at least four months of experience using IMS and should be able to:- - Use TSO/ISPF or PDF- - Demonstrate basic knowledge of: - OS/VS Job Control Language - VSAM access methods service utilities - DL/I application programming techniques- Describe the characteristics and storage format of HISAM, HIDAM and HDAM databases and code their DBDs- Understand the IMS DB Monitor and use its reports to resolve database performance concernsThese skills can be developed by attending:- IMS Physical Organization of Databases Workshop (CM22) - IMS Database Performance and Tuning Workshop (CM30)



Das Training findet auf Deutsch statt.

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