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Kurs Turbonomic Cloud ARM Master (TN935G)

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Turbonomic Cloud ARM training takes you in-depth into how the Turbonomic ARM platform interacts with the world’s most broadly accepted public cloud technologies, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. In this course, you learn how to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art automation of cloud datacenter performance and efficiency management via the Turbonomic platform. The course teaches you about the performance, location, and deployment details of your cloud workloads. You get single pane visibility of your entire cloud estate including scoped views to an account/subscription, a billing family, or a resource group. You learn about Turbonomic support for AWS and Azure Gov Clouds.You analyze your total cloud spend, cost of cloud services, as well as per account/subscription spending. You configure Turbonomic to honor scaling constraints for a unified catalog of cloud instances and consistent vertical resizing for Autoscaling Groups (in AWS) as well as Scale Sets (in Azure). You create policies for compliance, thereby making it safe to automate the scaling actions. You reduce cloud bill by deleting unattached volumes and scaling volumes to use the correct storage tier for your workloads, and configure Turbonomic to choose from the selected cloud storage tiers when scaling. You also learn about the cost and feasibility of migrating core applications to the cloud for flexibility and scale, and how to identify the right size of AWS database servers and Azure databases instances in your cloud environment.

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  • Understand how Turbonomic provides full-stack visibility of cloud workloads discussing Service Entity mapping
  • Determine how costs are calculated in public cloud and what strategies can be used to mitigate cost while maintaining application performance
  • Apply the principles of cloud compute scaling and right-size cloud instances to assure performance and maximize savings
  • Configure Turbonomic to honor scaling constraints for a unified catalog of cloud instances and consistent vertical resizing for AWS Autoscaling Groups as well as Azure Scale Sets
  • Recognize how Turbonomic provides visibility into the prepaid capacity and manages AWS and Azure Reserved Instances, as well as AWS Savings Plans
  • Reduce cloud spend by deleting unattached volumes and optimizing cloud storage according to workload demand
  • Analyze the impact of full optimization by running "what-if" scenarios
  • Implement the principles of cloud PaaS scaling to optimize application performance and cost of AWS Database servers and Azure DB instances


This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand Turbonomic’s value proposition in managing cloud workloads.


General understanding of Cloud computing concepts

Dauer und Zeiten

4 Kurstage


  • 13.02.23 - 16.02.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 27.02.23 - 02.03.23MünchenAnmelden
  • 13.03.23 - 16.03.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 17.04.23 - 20.04.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 01.05.23 - 04.05.23StuttgartAnmelden
  • 08.05.23 - 11.05.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 22.05.23 - 25.05.23FrankfurtAnmelden
  • 12.06.23 - 15.06.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 17.07.23 - 20.07.23StuttgartAnmelden
  • 17.07.23 - 20.07.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 04.09.23 - 07.09.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 25.09.23 - 28.09.23BerlinAnmelden
  • 16.10.23 - 19.10.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 20.11.23 - 23.11.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden

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