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Kurs z/OS VSAM and Access Method Services (SS83G)

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This course is designed to teach how to manage VSAM and non-VSAM data sets by coding and using the functions and features of the Access Method Services program, IDCAMS.To reinforce the lecture material, machine exercises are provided that enable students to code and test selected IDCAMS commands such as DEFINE, REPRO, ALTER, and LISTCAT.Learn to manage Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) and non-VSAM data sets. Particularly emphasize coding and using the functions of the IDCAMS program. Lab exercises enable you to code and test selected IDCAMS commands, such as DEFINE, REPRO, ALTER, and LISTCAT.  Hands-On LabsEight labs are included to address:  - IDCAMS commands, including ALTER, DEFINE, CLUSTER, EXPORT, IMPORT, EXAMINE, LISTCAT, REPRO, and PRINT  - tuning VSAM and the VSAM buffers  - alternate indexes

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  • Understand the structure and use of VSAM data sets or clusters
  • Code IDCAMS commands to define and load VSAM clusters
  • Code IDCAMS commands to define and load alternate indexes
  • Code IDCAMS commands to list, alter, and delete catalog entries
  • Code IDCAMS commands to print data sets
  • Calculate the Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) space requirements for VSAM clusters
  • Code the Job Control Language (JCL) for IDCAMS and programs which process VSAM clusters
  • Use IDCAMS and JCL options to improve the performance of a VSAM job
  • Reorganize, back up, and recover VSAM and non-VSAM data sets
  • Interpret an IDCAMS listing of an Integrated Catalog Facility (ICF) catalog
  • Select and use the appropriate documentation to utilize VSAM and IDCAMS


This is an intermediate course for individuals who manage data sets using IDCAMS and VSAM.


You should complete:- z/OS Facilities (ES15) - z/OS Job Control Language and Utilities (ES07) or - Fundamental System Skills in z/OS (ES10) - or have equivalent experience

Dauer und Zeiten

5 Kurstage


  • 30.01.23 - 03.02.23DüsseldorfAnmelden
  • 13.02.23 - 17.02.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 27.02.23 - 03.03.23MünchenAnmelden
  • 13.03.23 - 17.03.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 17.04.23 - 21.04.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 01.05.23 - 05.05.23StuttgartAnmelden
  • 08.05.23 - 12.05.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 22.05.23 - 26.05.23FrankfurtAnmelden
  • 12.06.23 - 16.06.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 17.07.23 - 21.07.23StuttgartAnmelden
  • 17.07.23 - 21.07.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 04.09.23 - 08.09.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 25.09.23 - 29.09.23BerlinAnmelden
  • 16.10.23 - 20.10.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden
  • 20.11.23 - 24.11.23Virtual ClassroomAnmelden

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